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How to Have the Best Shower Sex

Many men and women in this world fantasize about having sex in the shower. In fact, of all places to have a quickie, the shower is ranked number one! Nevertheless, even though it’s a popular place to have sex, many of us do not know that having sex in the shower is not easy. There are many things you have to keep in mind because, believe it or not, underwater sex is very hard to pull off. So, how can we overcome these difficulties and how can we have successful and pleasant sex in the shower? Below, Luvkis has shared with you the ins and outs on having the best shower sex.

Why Shower Sex?

The first question that you may ask yourself when thinking about having sex in the shower is; why? Why should you have shower sex? Well, there are several reasons why everybody should try to have sex in the shower at least once! Keep on reading and find out what makes this type of sex so exciting to most!

  • Sensuality

Having sex in the shower adds a whole new level of sensuality thanks to the fact that you’re surrounded by hot water, steam, and nice smelling soaps and lotions. Many of us already love it to take a simple relaxing shower. Imagine combining this relaxing and sexual experience together with having sex with your partner. Having each other’s hands slide down over your soapy bodies while the hot water and steam set a spa-like environment. The shower certainly is one of the most exciting places to make love.

  • Practicality

Shower sex does not only feel amazing, but it’s also practical in many ways. Think about it; when you’re having sex in the shower, you’ll be in a confined space where nobody can hear you. Thanks to this, you can be as loud as you want with your partner without having to worry about the people next door. Added to that, you can also combine having sex with taking an actual shower. This makes shower sex one of the most suitable ways to have a quickie in the morning. Save time and water by showering together and add in some excitement through some sensual touches by hand or mouth.

  • Bath Toys

One of the most exciting aspects of shower sex are (adult) bath time toys! Nowadays, there is a wide range of waterproof adult toys available that can be used in the shower and bath. This allows you to truly please yourself to an exciting and breathtaking sexual experience while enjoying a relaxing shower alone or with your partner. Think for instance about the latest vibrators or get your hands on a silicone dildo. With a waterproof sex toy at your side, you’ll be able to lift your shower experience to a whole new level.

  • Exciting Foreplay

Most of us like to take a shower before having sex to freshen ourselves up for our partner. Taking a shower while your partner is waiting for you can, however, truly ruin the mood. So, why not take a shower together? The shower is a perfect place to start off with some exciting foreplay by using your hands, mouth, or adult toy. Even if you don’t have a sex toy yet, you can use the shower head as an improvised tool to give yourself a sexual thrill. Once both of you are fresh and heated up, you can continue your sexual adventure in the bedroom.

Things to Keep in Mind

As mentioned above, having sex in the shower is exciting but not easy. As of such, there are certain things you have to keep in mind! Naturally, when you’re having sex in the shower, you won’t be laying on a soft bed surrounded by fluffy pillows. Therefore, make sure to keep your surroundings in mind. Accidentally bumping into the faucet or hitting your knee on a wall can be very painful. Also, be careful of accidentally turning the temperature control of your shower, turning it burning hot or freezing cold! These small mistakes can easily ruin the mood during an exciting moment in the shower.

Naturally, you also have to keep in mind that a wet floor can be slippery! Especially in the shower when soap and lotions are involved, you’re likely going to experience a slippery floor. Therefore, it is important to remember to move slowly and carefully in order to make sure none of you will accidentally slip and end up at the first aid station.

Besides making the floor slippery, soaps and oils bring along some other potential ‘’dangers’’. They may, for instance, make you feel uncomfortable when they enter your eyes or private parts. Therefore, always remember to wash the soap off your hands before touching your partner!

Last but certainly not least, there is lubrication. Lubrication, or the lack of it, is what makes having underwater sex so difficult. It may come as a surprise to some, but being underwater does not make the female private parts more slippery. In fact, water washes the natural lubrication away, making it more difficult to have comfortable sex. Therefore, if you really wish to have underwater sex, it’s a smart idea to bring along some lube. Alternatively, you can keep it simple by using your hands and mouth for foreplay after which you can head over to the bedroom to continue your sexual journey.

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